This Flash example was a Proof of Concept for my company that develops online catalog services and car accessory software for car dealerships.

This is a Demo sample of a self contained flash file using ActionScript 2. My team members developed the look of the backdrop and buttons. The original car base is not a single image. It is a series of external images that are used to build the base of car.

The type of car is dependent on trim code. (Ex. These images include the car body, wheels, car color, windows, license plate, etc.).

All of the pieces for that base car are loaded onto an array of MovieClips, which are determined by the ID code. Depending on the kind of trim, the Add Accessory button is active.

Please allow a moment for for the demo to load before turning the car around.


Below is the FINAL Demo page that my team and I put together. My team members built the web page wrapper to interact with my flash file.





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